July 10, 2020

Passports Are Required For International Travel

Recently, the United States enacted rules that state how passports are a requirement for international travel, including Canada, Mexico or some Caribbean Islands. There are a couple of options for the first time applicant to consider when getting their passport, depending on their needs or travel plans.


A passport card is an identification card equipped with unique biometric information unique to the card holder. It was designed primarily for those who frequently make use of land border crossings by vehicle or on foot. Costing only $30, passport cards are a low cost alternative to obtaining a passport book, and they are a convenient option to this segment of the traveling public. However, the application requirements are the same for both the card and the book, and the card has very specific uses and limitations.

First, it can only be used at land border crossings or through ports of entry from sea. This means that those traveling by air will still need a traditional passport book, including paying the applicable fees. The other limitation is that it is only valid for travel between the US and Mexico, Canada and some Caribbean islands.

For the majority of travelers, a passport is required to travel abroad, and there are specific steps in the application process. Since normal processing times range from four to six weeks, the best thing to do is allow time to collect the required documentation and fill out the application.

For first time applicants, they are required to turn in their application in person, usually at a local post office or passport acceptance facility. Applications can also be turned at region passport offices which are found in certain major US cities. In any case, first time applicants are not allowed to submit their application online or via the mail.

All first time applicants need a certified copy of their birth certificate as well as an official government issued photo ID, along with two high quality passport photos. If these documents cannot be obtained, there are alternative ways to meet these requirements depending on individual circumstances, and speaking with a representative will be helpful in finding an adequate solution.

The fees range from $30 for a passport card to $110 for a book or $130 for both a card and a book, and the average processing time ranges from about four to six weeks. Allowing extra time can save money and stress, however there is an express option for those in a hurry. For an additional $60, applicants can have their application expedited and average delivery times are reduced to about three weeks.

There are also provisions for those traveling within 14 days, and a rush passport can be issued by making an appointment with a representative at the local Passport office. There are also special considerations for family emergencies and other concerns that require immediate travel.

The most important thing to remember before planning the next trip overseas, even if just to Mexico, is that passports are required for international travel. By planning ahead and making sure you have all of the required supporting documenting will ensure that there are no delays or complications involved in processing the application. Getting a passport is easy if these steps are followed correctly.

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