July 10, 2020

US Passport Fees – How Much Does It Cost To Get A Passport, And How/Where Do You Pay It?

All passport applications cost some fees regardless of whatever country or state the application is being filled. These passport fees are supposed to take care of all the bureaucratic processes and procedures that result in the final passport. Considering the sensitivity of the passport as a document, lots of information needs to be verified and kept to act as backup information should anything unusual come up after the passport has been issued?

Passport Fees

The US passport fees vary according to the age of the applicant as well as the specific needs of the applicant. Other factors that determine the amounts payable include the type of passport in question. The rates payable for a passport book differs with that of a passport card just like the cost of getting combination of both passport card and book.

There are basically two payments that have to be made to the department of state before one can get a passport book or card. These are the acceptance fee and the application fee. The passport acceptance fee is however only payable in cases of new applicants, this means that passport renewals do not attract the acceptance fees and instead will only attract the application fees.

Since the passport applications requirements demand that the applicants be divided into two groups based on their age brackets, it is important to also take a look at the payments in the same grouping considering the fact that there are different types of passports.

For starters let us have a look at the payments required of all applicants of age sixteen and bellow. The acceptance fee for this category is $25 for both a passport card and passport book. The acceptance fee is fixed at this amount for all applicants regardless of the age factor.

The passport application fees unlike the acceptance fees vary across the age groups and the type of passport. All applicants aged 16 and above are charged $110 as application fees. This brings the total amount payable to the state department by this age group to $135 since they also have to pay $25 as acceptance fee.

The same age group will pay $30 for a passport card and $140 for both passport card and book combined. All these payments are exclusive of the acceptance fees. Passport fees for applicants in the age brackets of sixteen and under is $80 for a passport book and $25 for a passport card. This age group also has to pay $95 in case they need a combination of both passport book and card.

All the payments are payable to the department of state and the payment methods may differ. Most payments can be done directly to the department of state or through third parties notably the post office. Payments in cash are acceptable through the post office as well as directly to the state department.

Other payment methods acceptable to both the post office and state department include personal checks, business checks, cashier checks and treasury checks. Payments by cards ranging from credit to debit and postal payment cards are not acceptable to the state department.

Find more information,visit http://www.sdcounty.ca.gov/Portal/News/2010/Mar/031510passportfees.html