May 13, 2021

Passport Renewal – How To Renew Your Passport When It Expires

Passports are not perpetual, and they usually expire. There are several things you must know before deciding on the next course of action in regards to your passport renewal.

Passport Renewal

Standard Renewal: If you change your name, you must reapply for a new passport within the first year of alteration whereas passports received after age 16 must be renewed every decade. Conversely, kids must renew passports every 5 years, their application age notwithstanding. Passport renewal via mail is available if you received your passport after the age of 16, or you are reporting a legal name change.

Name Changes: Changing names due to divorce or legal procedures requires one to have the divorce order or marriage certificates.

Visas: When submitting your renewal application you can request additional visas too. Application forms are usually available online, while you can also request blank visa sheets for foreign passports.

Requirements: The same necessities when seeking your first pass are the ones you must present for renewal, and they usually include two passport size photos, driver’s license, social security card, birth certificate or military ID. Crosscheck your passport upon receipt to ensure it is free of oversights, usually in the dates or spellings, and report to the relevant application agency.

Renewal Denied: Always make sure you have a clean slate with the application agency to avoid denial of renewal. Notify them in advance of criminal sentences, child support or taxes owed before reapplying. Prior notification saves you from waiting months to rectify the situation. US passports are usually valid for 10 years, in which you can get carried away and run out of enough time to allow authorities to process another one. However, here’s how to obtain expedited passports.

Ensure you can renew by mail: US passports can generally be renewed via mail, though you must do it in person in the event that you: damage or lose it, received it over 15 years ago, or under the age of 16, or changed your name but lack supporting documents. Decide on using a private or government expediting services, or book an appointment at the passport office.

It takes 3 weeks to deliver your passport, not mentioning a small fee for processing and delivery fees for government expedition. If you must travel in a fortnight, and already have your travel schedule, and you can visit a passport agency office for a passport within a 24 hour period. You can also book an appointment in the same office if you must travel in a month’s time, and you need a foreign visa. Due to the inconveniences involved in checking into the passport office, you can seek the services of private passport expediters, though at a fee.

Organize and submit your data. If you have decided on the method to use, you should then organize all the required files and attachments, and submit them for processing.

Emergency solutions: In the event of an emergency, maybe an untimely expired passport or a stolen or lost passport, you can contact the National Passport Information Center and you will be assisted accordingly.

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