June 17, 2021

Passports For Children – A Requirement For International Travel

Up until October 1998, babies and children could be included on the passport of their parents or guardians. This document is needed for travel out of the country of residents and to return to the country. Since then, children have to travel on their own passports. This is in line with standard international practice in order to avoid child abduction. Therefore, passports for children aged sixteen and younger are required for international travel.

Passports For Children

Parents who wish to travel abroad should make sure that they apply for this document well in advance. In some countries, it could take a several weeks for the document to be approved and ready. If it is an urgent trip, one is able to get temporary passports. A valid reason has to be provided for the travel and why it has to be done urgently.

This document is only available if the permanent document has been applied for already. The two applications can usually be lodged simultaneously. The temporary document is generally valid for one year of issue.

The child passport will be valid for five years. It is renewable every 5 years when it expires. It the child received the passport at age fifteen, it will only expire when they are twenty, after which they will receive an adult travel document on application. These documents are valid for ten years. If a young person is aged sixteen or older, they may apply for an adult passport.

Additional legal requirements will have to be met in the event of children in the care of foster parents. It is important to find out about all the documents needed and the requirements that must be met. Children traveling aboard for to perform or entertain may need a license from a Magistrate.

When applying for the first time, certain criteria will have to be met and supporting documents may be required. This will involve the status of their citizenship, identity documents or birth certificates, proof of residence, passport photos and other applicable documents. In the case of a child born out of wedlock, only the consent of the biological mother is required. If a guardian applies, the circumstances surrounding the guardianship should be explained. If the parent is unable to give permission, a letter of permission should be provided.

In the event of a lost, expired or damaged passport, one can have it renewed. If travel documentation is lost, it should be reported to the police. Any time left before the expiry date on the original document, will be added to the new passport. However, this time is limited to a certain period, depending on the country in which you apply.

Application forms are usually available online, as well as the requirements and supporting documents. Supporting documents may include a death certificate in the event of a parent being deceased, or divorce documents if that is applicable. The application form will usually have a bar code number, which should be noted. This will be helpful in making inquiries or checking the progress of your application.

Find more information,visit http://pelosi.house.gov/services/faq/passports.shtml

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