June 6, 2020

US Passport Requirements – What You Need To Get A Passport

The passport is an important document that is used worldwide to establish the identity of a person. US Passport Requirements – What You Need To Get A Passport vary slightly from country to country depending on a number of factors. In the US, there are strict requirements without which one cannot get a passport.

Passport Requirements

One of the most important documents that everybody applying for a passport must always provide is the original birth certificate. This requirement does not only apply to the US passport only but all over the world.

Since every country recognizes citizenship by way of birth, the birth certificate is an important identification document that must be produced to prove that you are truly a citizen of any country and therefore deserve a passport and any other privileges that citizens may have.

The demand for a birth certificate does not mean that people who have no birth certificate as proof of having been born in the US cannot get passports in the US. This is contrary to the truth as there are many ways of becoming a citizen besides being born in the US. People who might have been born elsewhere but have over time acquired citizenship must produce their original certificate of citizenship.

The other document that will be required from a person born out side the US when they require a passport is the original certificate of naturalization. This certificate is usually issued by the immigration and naturalization office. All the above certificates are simply required as proof of citizenship since a country cannot give a passport to a person who is not a citizen.

Besides the proof of citizenship, there are more US passport requirements – what you need to get a passport that have to be met before one can get a passport in the US. It is however important to note that you can also get an old passport which might have expired as long as it is not damaged to act as proof of citizenship in place of the certificates mentioned in the above paragraphs.

There are fees payable to the state and these are passport requirements that cannot be overlooked. First are the passport payment fees which have to be paid in check form to the US department of state. This fee varies in the cases of a child and adult. Adults will pay $170 while children pay $140. If you need the passport within a particular time frame, it is worth noting that you might have to make extra payments.

There are forms that have to be filled adequately and presented to the U.S department of state. These forms include the DS-11 for a new applicant and the form DS-64 for applicants who have lost their passports and need a replacement. A letter of authorization is another passport requirement. They have to be two and have to bare original signatures

The importance of clean color passport size photographs cannot be understated. No passport application can go through without two clean copies of these since it is the only way that anybody looking at the passport can be able to tell that it belongs to the person possessing it.

Find more information,visit http://travel.state.gov/passport/

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