May 12, 2021

Europe To End Passport-Free Travel

Europe is preparing to end passport-free travel within Europe, which has been in place since 1985, due to rising fears about the increasing numbers of immigrants that are entering Europe in an attempt to escape the political turmoil in North Africa.

For decades it has been possible to travel throughout Europe without passing border controls or checkpoints, or without a passport under the provisions of a 1985 agreement called the Shengen Agreement.  26 countries in Europe are signatories to the Shengen Agreement.  22 European Union (EU) countries are part of the Shengen Agreement.

EU To End Passport-Free Travel Allowed by Shengen Agreement

The EU is poised to end passport-free travel allowed for decades by Shengen Agreement due to rising North Africa immigration. The countries in blue are party to the Shengen Agreement.

As social and political unrest in the North Africa countries of Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt has erupted,  a marked rise in immigrants and refugees from theses conflict areas has been seen.

The main proponents of this change, which is still widely supported throughout Europe and the EU, have been France and Italy, which have seen the bulk of the new influx of North African immigrants.

This represents a massive change in travel throughout Europe for business and leisure travel, but some feel this is also indicative of a rise in ‘Fortress Europe’ sentimentality. Story

Wikipedia on Shengen Agreement

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