June 17, 2021

Be Prepared: An Example Of A Passport Application Form & How To Fill It Out

In order to apply for a US passport, you must be an American citizen although you don’t have to be a resident. If you are not in the U. S., you can download the U. S. Application guide online from countries all over the world. The US Government’s Passport Agency supplies information on how to fill out a passport application form which they provide along with an inclusion of a free Application Pack.

The form, known as form DS-11, can be found at a local country clerk’s office, US post office or can be downloaded online on the US Department of State’s website. There is a difference between the one you will be given when applying for the first time and the one you are given when applying for renewal of your passport; therefor, you need to ensure that you have the right papers before you begin filling them out.

For those who are currently residents of the U. S., it is advisable to apply at least two months in advance in order to avoid extra charges for an expedited processing. The online form is only available in PDF format, so make sure your computer supports it. I case it does not, you can download Adobe Reader from the same website.

Once you have the form dowloaded, you will need two pictures of yourself. It is strongly recommended that you let a professional photographer shoot them, as you need a neutral background, realistic colors, and each one needs to mesure 2 by 2 inches. The following is what will be required for you to apply for the passport. First, the application forms and whatever fee is required for applying; an authentic photo ID (i. E. A driver’s license) and proof of citizenship.

Because every year fees are modified, you may need to call the agency to find out the exact amount you need to pay. The form must be completed in black ink only, dated, and signed by the applicant. You must fill out the fields entirely, as all the pieces of information are mandatory.

Once you are through, it is time to submit the application form which can be done at the local county clerk’s office or most US post offices. Once there, you will go through a verification of your photo ID, which will be done by an official who will also ensure that you have filled the out the forms correctly.

The official will then have you signing the documentation and request for your photograph and the evidence that you are a citizen of the United States (birth certificate or any other documentation that can be evidence of your validity as a US citizen). Once the official is satisfied that you have all that is required, they will accept your payment and keep copies of all the papers that were submitted by you.

From then on the work of processing begins. It can be a number of weeks before you receive a passport – generally three to eight weeks while it is processed after which it will be mailed to you. The cost of a US passport usually varies depending on what type you need and how soon you might need it.

For more information, visit https://pptform.state.gov/

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